Running Resolutions

I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions. It’s cheesy, but I think you should strive to be better all the time, so why bother making a bunch of promises you’ll end up breaking by February? That being said, there’s no denying that January 1 just seems like a good time to start fresh. So rather than setting a vague goal to lose weight or be more charitable, my goals this year are running-related, and they’re pretty specific.

  1. Run the Napa marathon with a PR (not hard, since I only have one marathon under my belt)
  2. Run another marathon in the fall under 4:30 (this would be shaving 12 minutes off my Philly time… doable if I train properly)
  3. Eat more (I’ve become so used to dieting my entire adult life that the thought of adding more calories into my day when I started running more made me cringe. I think that’s definitely hurt my energy levels and recovery times)
  4. Run one race purely for fun (no pace in mind, just having fun, probably running with Jen K in gold spandex pants or some crazy outfit)
  5. Learn to run without headphones (this is a must since I can’t wear them for the Napa marathon)
  6. Run the Broad St Run in under 1:30
  7. Run at least 3 new races

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