Avocado Fries

If you’re trying to keep a new year’s resolution to eat healthier foods, this post is not for you. If you love your fatty food made even more sinful by frying it and then dipping it in mayo, keep reading. Continue reading


Milk Bar Banana Layer Cake

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I handed over my Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook to my friend Rob and told him to pick out any cake he wanted me to make for his birthday. It was no surprise to me that he selected a banana layer cake. Just looking at the photos of this cake are enough to make you drool. However, I was quite surprised at how intricate this cake was when I started reading about it.

The intro starts out “this banana cake is a doozy to make,” and goes on to say the only reason they still make it at Milk Bar is because it’s so popular (probably because it’s Oprah’s favorite cake). Then I started to read the recipe… Continue reading

Foodspotting Cake Project

I was honored to be part of Foodspotting‘s 2nd Anniversary party last weekend at Khyber Pass Pub. For those of you who may not know, Foodspotting is an app that lets you find and share dishes at restaurants using photos. Not only is it an awesome app, but it’s a great community. In Philly, there is a group of Foodspotters who have regular eat-ups. I’ve made some amazing friends through this community, and was more than happy when I was approached about making a cake for Foodspotting’s 2nd Anniversary party. Continue reading

Chilly Cheeks Trail Race Recap

Me and Jen trying to keep warm pre-race

As I was running through the woods and up mountains during the Chilly Cheeks 7.2 mile trail race yesterday, I was thinking of all the things I would say about it in a blog post. Now I sit down to write said blog post and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘omg what was I thinking?’

When Jen and I signed up for the Chilly Cheeks race, we didn’t read the course description. The Pretzel City Sports website wasn’t the most user-friendly, but we both figured 7.2 miles was a short enough distance that it would be pretty manageable. After registering, we found the race description and started to get an idea of what we had gotten ourselves into. Continue reading

Butternut Squash Pizza

As much as I hate the cold temperatures winter brings, I have to admit I love some of the foods of the season. I try to use butternut squash as much as possible. Even though you can get it year-round, it’s definitely what I’d consider comfort food material. I’m always looking for new ways to use it in my cooking. With that in mind, I bring you butternut squash pizza!

I have to give credit to Jen for the crust recipe, which is posted below. It’s super simple to make, and only needs to rest for 10 minutes. I generally end up not making dough from scratch because I am too impatient to let it rise, so I will be putting this quick crust recipe to use all the time. Her recipe calls for regular flour, but it being the month of resolutions and all, I made it with whole wheat flour. Turned out great. I only wish I had rolled it out about twice as thin as I did. I mixed it up in my food processor, which kept my counters and hands clean, which is also a miracle when making dough. I can’t wait to try this out with more combinations.  Continue reading

Run Like an Egyptian

You know the hardest part of doing a blog? Coming up with clever titles for posts. So
forgive me for this one. Yesterday, I did my 15-mile training run, and finally tested out the new CamelPack I got for Christmas. I would’ve tried it sooner, but I didn’t realize the backpack I got didn’t actually come with the bladder. So I had to order that after the holidays. I got the Gregory Dipsea 6 Daypack, in pink, of course. I then ordered a 2-liter bladder for it, which fit perfectly in the pack. There is a fancy “tube management system,” which basically means there are a few holes in the pack to route the tube through to keep it in place while you’re running. I wish it came with instructions because it took me a solid half hour to figure out how to set it all up. But I finally figured it out and headed out the door for my usual route on Kelly Drive.  Continue reading

Fusion Cross-Training Kicked My Ass

How much did Fusion Cross-Training kick my ass this morning? So much that I felt nauseous for half the class; had a minor asthma attack on the way home and had to use the inhaler for the first time in months; and I felt compelled to write about it as soon as possible. In short, it made me feel really out of shape, and it made me want to fix that.

I’m always looking for ways to change up my gym routine. I have a very rigid plan for my marathon training, and it gets really boring after a while. The bright spots of my week are my 2 morning spin classes, which I always attend with my bff, Jordan. We’ve been going to the same spin classes with the same instructor, Jason (highly recommend his class at PSC Market St), for almost a year now. The music is great, the workout is never the same, and Jason is so much fun as an instructor. The class is always full, so rather than ride a bike, Jason walks around the room, dancing and bantering with everyone until they smile… which is hard to make me do when I’m up against my will before sunrise working out. Anyway, Jason works out at Fusion, and from time to time invites students from our spin class to go with him and check it out. When he mentioned it to myself and Jordan, we were more than happy to go and try out a new workout. Continue reading