Halfway There

With the Napa marathon looming, I forced myself to get out and do some kind of distance run yesterday. I’ve been admittedly lazy since the Philly marathon… I haven’t run more than 10 miles since the race. The thought of doing 13 seemed so daunting, when just a couple months ago, I’d consider that an easy run. But I knew I had to just get out there and do it and get serious about this next race.

Philly’s unseasonably warm winter streak continued yesterday, with temps in the high 40s when I left, and a little warmer by the time I was done. It was so bizarre just throwing on a t-shirt in the middle of winter. I actually wish I had gone with shorts, too. The amazing weather and the fact that it was the last day of the year brought the runners and bikers out en masse on Kelly Dr. I love my running route, but I hate dodging bikes and strollers along the way.

For some reason, I didn’t feel like wearing my hydration pack, or dealing with my new camel pack for such a short run. So I went without water, planning on using the water fountains along the trail if I needed to. Major failure on my part. Apparently, the water fountains are shut off in winter. Makes sense so the pipes don’t freeze I guess, but with the temps being so warm, I didn’t even consider that. Not only was I dying of thirst by the end of my run, but I was having coughing fits since I’m still recovering from the chest cold that just won’t go away. I ended up doing 13 mies at a 10:32 pace. It was harder than I would have liked, but I’m glad I powered through it. I was reminded of the feeling of accomplishment you get for finishing something that you could’ve easily given up on or didn’t think you could do. That’s why I run these races. I want to challenge myself. My run left me motivated for Napa. I came home and immediately wrote out my training schedule right up until tapering time. It was a great way to close out the year, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the heavy training routine.


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