My Marathon Bucket List

Registration for the NYC Marathon lottery opened today, and I frantically typed in my info and applied as soon as the site was live. Now I just have to wait until they do the drawing in April to find out if I actually got a spot. I am really hoping I get lucky with this one as the NYC Marathon is on my marathon bucket list. I originally posted my list on my tumblr, but now that I have a fancy running blog, it’s worth re-posting. These aren’t in any particular order… just a list of races I’d like to run in my lifetime.

  1. New York City Marathon, New York, November
    – Hopefully running it this year if I get a spot!
  2. Chicago, Illinois, October
  3. Boston, Massachusetts, April
  4. London, UK, April
  5. Berlin, Germany, September (1-5 on this list are considered the majors)
  6. Napa Valley Marathon, Califorinia, March
    – Registered!
  7. Big Sur Marathon, California, April
    – Supposedly the most beautiful marathon course in the country
  8. Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii, December
    – Hawaii in December. I’d be happy skipping the run and taking the vacation.
  9. Disney Wine & Dine, Florida, October
    – Half Marathon, starts at 10 pm and goes through the parks, with a finish line at Epcot. Then there’s a food & wine after party.
  10. Singapore Sundown Marathon, Singapore, May
    – Night time run. I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Singapore since my trip there a few years ago. Plus, I could drink an unlimited supply of pineapple slurpees to recover.
  11. Las Vegas Marathon – December
    – One of the Rock ‘n Roll marathons, this one takes place on the strip at night with big name entertainment and casino lights to keep you from feeling the pain of 26 miles. (I know the 2011 race was a debacle, so I’m hoping they get their act together so I can run this one in the future)
  12. Vancouver Marathon, British Columbia,  May
    – Rated as one of the best courses in North America. Great scenery.
  13. Nike Women’s Marathon, California, October
    – Held in San Francisco. So popular you have to win a lottery entry to get in. All finishers get a Tiffany & Co necklace as their medal. Last stretch is along the Pacific.
  14. The Big Five Marathon, South Africa, June
    – Sure, running a marathon in Africa in June sounds bad, but you’re running across 5 biggest game reserves in the world. No fences. The cheetahs chasing you will just help give you a better finish time
  15. 2012 Solar Eclipse Marathon, Australia, November
    – You line up when the sun disappears and start when it re-emerges. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  16. Athens Marathon, Greece, November
    – Doing a marathon in the place where marathons started seems like a must-do. They offer awesome tour packages to go along with the race, which include runners’ clinics with some of the best pros around. Finish line in Olympic Stadium.
  17. St. George Marathon, Utah,  October
    – A scenic downhill course in Utah… perfect for setting personal records
  18. Mayor’s Marathon, Alaska, June
    – Visiting Alaska in June is probably the only way I’d go to Alaska
  19. Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway, June
    – You run at midnight, during the days of perpetual sun in Norway. As if running 26.2 miles isn’t enough to make you a little disoriented, try running it at midnight, in broad daylight.
  20. Great Wall Marathon, China, May
    – This one is the biggest and baddest of them all. You actually run up the great wall of China, TWICE. Schedule my ambulance for half way up, please. Insane heat. Insane elevations. The air quality is so bad, you can barely breathe to start. Doctors along the entire route because so many people pass out. Count me in.

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