Foodspotting Cake Project

I was honored to be part of Foodspotting‘s 2nd Anniversary party last weekend at Khyber Pass Pub. For those of you who may not know, Foodspotting is an app that lets you find and share dishes at restaurants using photos. Not only is it an awesome app, but it’s a great community. In Philly, there is a group of Foodspotters who have regular eat-ups. I’ve made some amazing friends through this community, and was more than happy when I was approached about making a cake for Foodspotting’s 2nd Anniversary party.

My biggest gripe about operating my cake business was having very little artistic license with projects. People would often give me a photo of exactly what they wanted, and I would have to make my best replica. It can get very tedious and stressful. I was so relieved to hear that Foodspotting’s Philly reps (Brian and Alexis) were entrusting me to come up with the concept for this project on my own.

I decided a small cake, along with an array of cupcakes would be the best way to go. I love the look of a cupcake display, and also think it makes for much easier serving. For the cake, I replicated the Foodspotting logo. The cake was almond poundcake with whipped cream and strawberry filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting. It was covered in marshmallow fondant. I made the logo by making a stencil of it, then cutting the letters out of gumpaste using the stencil and an Xacto knife. Poundcake is great for supporting fondant since it’s a sturdy cake. It also slices very cleanly, so I knew it would be easy for serving.

Now for my favorite part… the cupcakes! A lot of times when you have an idea for a project, it ends up not working out the way you had envisioned. These cupcakes, however, came out exactly as I had imagined. To incorporate some Philly into this display, I chose 3 Philly-inspired foods to make out of gumpaste: cheesesteaks, Tastykake krimpets, and soft pretzels. I also made gumpaste plates for the foods, to sit on top of the cupcakes. There really is no method to my madness with doing gumpaste figures. It’s like playing with play-doh. You just have to mess around with different techniques in a trial and error process until you get a product you’re happy with. For the flavors, I chose a very decadent chocolate cupcake with chocolate peanut butter mousse filling and salted caramel buttercream, and a much simpler carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

I was overwhelmed by all the praise at the party. Thanks to everyone who took pictures, tweeted, and took a night off from new year’s resolutions to indulge in some cake.


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