17 miles down. How many to go?!

There are now 30 days until the Napa Valley Marathon! If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I’ve been a little lazy in my training this time around. My long run schedule was interrupted by snow a couple weeks ago. But this past weekend, I finally got back on track and went for a 17-mile run.

As has been the case most of this winter, I lucked out with the weather. It was in the low 50s when I left the house, but there was a wicked wind, so I wore my tights and my long-sleeve tech shirt from the Philly Marathon. Wearing my marathon shirt also helps to motivate me on the longer runs, because it reminds me that not too long ago, I ran 26.2 miles, so I have no excuse to give up during a training run. I was pretty comfortable, until the sun went down. Then I wished I had packed some gloves.

I felt pretty good until around mile 13. Then my legs started to feel like lead and every step took way more effort than it should for someone running a marathon in a month. I finished my 17 miles with a pace of 10:37, and felt pretty good about checking that run off my to-do list. Then I thought about it and realized I still have 9 more to go after that on race day! Unfortunately, I am now dealing with a case of strep throat, so I am guessing my long run for this weekend is out. Then I might be able to squeeze in one more before it’s time to start tapering.

I know I will be able to finish the Napa marathon. After a certain number of miles, it really is all mental. And unless my legs stop working, I won’t give up. But I know it will be way harder for me physically than Philly was, since I was in much better shape going into that. I know I will be mad at myself with every difficult stride for not having trained harder.

My experiences training for Philly vs this race have been so amazingly opposite. When I was training for Philly, I never let myself miss a run, I was eating well, I majorly cut back on my alcohol intake, and I made my training schedule a priority over my social life. It took up a ton of my time, but I really did love it. I just can’t get myself to that point with this race. Maybe it’s because Philly was my first marathon, and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to do it if I didn’t train hard. This time around, I know in the back of my head that I can handle it.

While I am not super excited for the race itself, I am very much looking forward to the trip! The itinerary includes a few days in San Jose (excursions to San Francisco), and a few days in Napa. I can’t wait to eat and drink my way through California. I’m open to suggestions on what to do/where to eat during the trip. Post them below if you have any!


3 thoughts on “17 miles down. How many to go?!

  1. A must for breakfast is soscol cafe, it’s a grease pit, but oh so delicious! Also anything in oxbow market is amazing! And if you want a great burger check out Norman Rose Tavern in downtown napa. If you’re in sf, you have to have some clam chowder from fishermans wharf and of course drive by the giants stadium and pier 39. I hope you have a great trip and eat lots of delicious food! And if you want to check out a good winery go to castle or cline in carneros. They don’t charge you for tastIngs and their wine is off the chain!

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