Next Stop, Napa

In a few hours, I’ll be boarding the plane and heading to California, where I’ll be running in my second marathon. As I was packing up my race outfit last night, it finally hit me that I’d be running 26.2 miles on Sunday. I’m dreading every step of it. Before the Philly marathon this past fall, I was too excited for words in the days leading up to the race. I knew crossing the finish line would be an incredible experience. I kept picturing my friends waiting for me at the end during my training runs, and I breezed through most of the race with a smile on my face. This time around, I can’t get my head to focus on the finish line part. I just keep ¬†thinking about how hard the race is going to be. I know it will be my own fault. I could have trained so much harder… or really, at all.

My goals for this race are really just to get through it. I have no expectations of beating my Philly time. It will be incredibly warm at 71 degrees and sunny. Not being used to the weather might make it even more challenging. I plan on hydrating as much as possible both the day before and throughout the race. I also plan on drinking lots of wine when it’s all over. Look for my race recap next week!


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