And the Verdict Is…

If you read this blog or follow my twitter, you know I’ve been having some foot pain since completing the Napa Valley Marathon a few weeks ago. After an inconclusive x-ray, my doctor ordered an MRI. I went back this morning to get the results. He suspected a stress fracture or a damaged tendon. Turns out I have a torn muscle.

The good news is it’s not bad enough to require surgery, yet. The bad news is I’ve been ordered to wear an ugly ankle brace for the next month, and I am not allowed to run or do any movement that puts weight on my foot. After four weeks, I’ll get another round of MRIs to see if it’s healing. If it gets any worse, I might need to go under the knife. If it gets better, I’ll probably just need some physical therapy and/or orthotics after my brace time is up.

Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t really have any insight into why this happened. He basically said sometimes we put too much stress on our muscles and this kind of thing happens. I would venture to guess 26.2 miles of strain on a muscle that had no foundation of training probably did the trick.

I guess this is better than having a stress fracture. It’s easier to walk in a brace than it would be in a boot. But I’m still quite disheartened by the news. The weather is gorgeous out, and all I want to do is go for a run. And I can feel all the negative impacts this hiatus is having on my health. Just being restricted from running for two weeks has caused me to gain weight. I am definitely feeling a lack of energy. And I have so many races coming up! I am on doctor’s orders not to run the three I have next week (Security 5, Phillies 5k, and AC Half Marathon). And there’s a solid chance I’m going to be told not to run Broad Street either.

I know it could be much worse, so I’m really trying to look on the bright side and be positive. But really, this just plain sucks.


6 thoughts on “And the Verdict Is…

  1. Can I suggest the PT route being a little biased? The only catch is that you have to find one that understands runners….best case, one that is a runner. Sounds like you nailed it – not enough training. An orthotic won’t help strengthen a weak, healing muscle. Best of Luck!!

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