The Ankle Saga Continues

Last time I wrote about my injury, I had just been diagnosed with a torn muscle in my ankle, ordered to wear a brace for one month, and told not to do any physical activity putting weight on my foot. It was a long month. I tried to follow the doctor’s orders as best I could. I didn’t run, aside from two 5ks and a Half Marathon since I had already signed up for those and I am stubborn. My foot has been feeling fine and I haven’t been wearing the brace the last week or so.

I finally had my follow-up appointment on Wednesday, and the news wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Dr. K basically discussed what I need to do moving forward. He wants me to get custom-fitted orthotics for my shoes, which I really want to avoid. I have also been ordered to do six weeks of physical therapy, three times a week. I am still not allowed to do physical activity and have to wear the brace, unless my physical therapists evaluate me and determine otherwise.

This was frustrating to hear on so many levels. My foot feels fine. And I have been putting plenty of stress on it. I was so certain I was just going to be told to take it easy and start slow getting back into my workout routine. I miss running so badly. I miss it as a stress reliever and my time to myself. I miss the energy boost I felt when I was on a regular running routine. And I really miss it as my weight management system. Running has been the only way I’ve ever been able to lose weight. And without being able to run (combined with going out to dinner a lot more these days), I have gained an unacceptable amount of weight. I’m not one to worry about the numbers, as long as my clothes fit. But now my clothes don’t fit. It’s frustrating because it’s not that I don’t want to put the work in… I just physically can’t do so because of my injury. And I really don’t have time to wait around for my foot to heal. I’m in a wedding next weekend, and my bridesmaids dress is way too snug. I’ve majorly cut back on calories this week, cut out most carbs, and gone to the gym every day. I’ve lost 5 pounds this week, all surely water weight. But there’s only so much I can do on an elliptical machine and spin bike, and I have a long way to go to get back into fighting shape.

My hope is that I will go to the physical therapy evaluation next week and be told I can start running again as long as I do it gradually and keep doing whatever ankle strengthening exercises they recommend. I also would like to not have to do all six weeks. It’s going to cost me over $500 in co-pay if I have to do 18 sessions.

In the meantime, I have signed up for a ton of races for the year and into the beginning of next year. Broad St is coming up in a couple weeks, which I will run no matter what, even if I have to hop on one foot to cross the finish line. The plan is to have some time off from races after Broad St, so I can work on losing a few more pounds and building a stronger foundation for fall marathons. I am planning to do my first juice cleanse after the race, to get me back on track to start fresh. If you have any recommendations, let me know. Right now, I’m thinking Catalyst Cleanse.

After Broad St, this is my race calendar:

May- Teal Ribbon 5k, Philly

  • Breaking my no races post-BSR rule, but it’s only a 5k, and it benefits ovarian cancer, which is an important cause as it claimed my grandmother’s life

July- Color Run, Philly

  • So excited for this one! Involves being splattered with neon paint on a 5k course. Running with Jen of

September- McGuire Mud Run, Lakehurst NJ

  • Matt roped me into doing this one. 10k in the mud doesn’t bother me. But the obstacles scare me a little. I’m also the only girl in the group and I don’t want to slow the guys down. Will definitely be working on pull ups before this one

September- Dogfish Dash, Rehoboth Beach DE

  • Going for a beach weekend with a big group of people, drinking lots of beer, and running a 10k. Sounds like a good time to me.

October- Runners World Half Marathon, Bethlehem PA

  • I love being a part of inaugural races, and I am sure the folks at RW will put on a good one.

November- New York Marathon???

  • I am on pins and needles waiting to hear if I’m in the race this year. Lottery winners will be announced Wednesday, 4/25. It’s about a 1 in 10 shot of getting a slot, but I’m trying to stay positive. I want to run this race so badly. Reading all the updates about the Boston Marathon this week just had me itching to run a big city race. I know it would inspire me to train harder. And it would be an unforgettable experience. However, I am also being realistic and have two back-up plans if I don’t get into NY this year. The Philly Marathon is in November and I will sign up for that provided it hasn’t sold out by next week. If for some reason it has, I will do the Steamtown Marathon in October, in Scranton.

December- Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

  • This is another vacation race, and I am excited! The race is right after Matt’s birthday, so I’m treating it as a bday trip for him. The race had a LOT of problems last year with water quality issues and major course crowding among others. I think that means that this year every detail will be scrutinized to make for a much better race. Plus, it’s a surreal feeling to run next to giant casinos, especially at night. This race starts about an hour before sunset.

January- Disneyworld Half Marathon

  • This might be the race I’m most looking forward to (unless I get into the NY Marathon). The race actually starts at 5:30 am, which is insane, but I assume that’s to get everyone across the finish line before the parks open, as the race is actually through the parks! I am so excited to experience Disney. It should be an awesome vacation and a fun race.

4 thoughts on “The Ankle Saga Continues

  1. Do you have a fairly large community/university pool nearby? You may be able to do some running in the pool because of the buoyancy. It lets you go through the same running motion without putting much stress on the joints. It might be a worthwhile question for your physical therapist.

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