Here We Go Again

Monday marks the start of my official training for the NYC Marathon. This time around, I’m going with the Runner’s World 16-week plan, found in the June issue. It’s pretty similar to what I planned out for myself last year for Philly. But it integrates more hills and more intervals, both things I’ll need to work on for New York. My goal is sub 4:30. Ideally I’d like to run under 10 minute miles, which comes in at 4:22. It’s totally doable if I stick to the plan and don’t burn myself out before race day.

For the past six weeks, I’ve been doing the Fusion Boot Camp. The boot camp class itself is outdoors once a week, and is basically just an outdoor workout. Nothing too fancy. But having unlimited classes at the studio has been great. I’ve been going at least 3 times a week. I went every morning this week. It’s good to get me in the habit of waking up so early again. I can also tell I’m getting stronger every week. The classes are still challenging, but I’m not stopping in the middle of sets the way I used to; I use heavier weights than I did when I started; and I run my intervals at a slightly faster pace. Although I’ve been working my ass off in class, I haven’t seen obvious results. At the halfway point, I lost one pound, but 3% body fat. So I guess I am building muscle… which does weigh more than fat. I anticipate I’ll drop a few more pounds once I start running daily. I also have been eating pretty poorly, which hasn’t done me any favors. I am relegating any alcoholic beverages only to weekends and special occasions now. And since Matt is starting his marathon training at the same time, it’ll be easier for us to eat healthier together.

Aside from Fusion, I haven’t been running too much. Each class totals around three miles, done on hills and intense intervals. I’ve done a few weekend runs of between five-seven miles. Seven miles is actually the farthest I’ve run since Broad Street! Hopefully I’ll discover my endurance is somewhat in tact once I start longer runs again.

Tomorrow night is the 20in24 Midnight Run. That’s an 8.4 mile loop around River/Kelly Dr. That should be a pretty good test on my body. And also a good time, since it’s at midnight and everyone is instructed to wear lots of glowing items to be seen in the dark. I’ll also be trying to catch a glimpse of my amazing trainer, Maggie, as she runs in the 100-mile ultra event, which is on the same course we’ll be running. She ran 97 miles last year, just shy of the goal. That’s just crazy to think about. But it also makes me feel terrible for whining about doing my “long” runs. I should really think about that every time I lace up my sneakers.


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