Running for a Cause

More than ever, I’ve packed my race calendar with lots of events this fall. But one I had to squeeze into my  calendar is the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research. This will be my fourth year running in the Philly MMRF event. The Race for Research Series has raised over $17 million world-wide, with over 90% of proceeds going directly to research and patient programming. Multiple Myeloma is a highly fatal form of cancer than infects your plasma. My uncle passed away from this disease a few years ago, and I am honored to run this race in his memory. I hope you’ll consider supporting the cause by donating here.

While there are lots of shorter races coming up this season, the big one is less than 5 weeks away!

I am getting more and more excited to hit the pavement in the NYC Marathon on November 4. With my ridiculously expensive hotel room booked and the huge baggage check debacle settled by NYRR, I’m feeling ready. It’s an awesome prospect to be running such a huge race with tons of spectators. I’m sure it will be an adrenaline rush. They also have lots of fancy features for runners like allowing for your friends to record a message of support via webcam that will play on giant screens along the course as I run by. The whole thing is done using the RFID chip in my bib, and it’s pretty impressive. You can record your message for me here:

My runs are pretty much on track with where I was last year going into Philly, if not slightly better. It’s been a bit frustrating to work so hard and not really see my pace improving, but I know I’m doing the best I can so I have to give myself a break. I have some time goals in mind, but as long as I do better than I did in Philly, I’ll be happy just to run.

I have been very dedicated to my training schedule this cycle. I’m up to two 9-10 miles on weekdays, with a shorter run and a day of cross-training, then my long run and recovery run on the weekends. The long runs have been going pretty well, especially with the drop in temperatures. I went out to Conshohocken last weekend to do my 20-miler with Jen on the Schuylkill River Trail. It’s a nice change of pace from Kelly Drive, though the trail leaves much to be desired.

I will say I am excited to be done with race season sooner rather than later. It’s hard to schedule your life around running, which you have to do once your runs pick up. At least I have Matt to go through the whole process with me this time around since he’s running the Philly Marathon and it’s only a few weeks after my race. I do miss doing non-running exercises. It’s amazing how you can run 40-50 miles a week and gain weight and feel out of shape. All this running leaves little time for any strength training.


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