Potlucky Pulled Pork

What goes better with a day of sports and beer than pulled pork? Not much. I probably haven’t made pulled pork since a Super Bowl party a couple years ago. But I knew I had to make it for the Winter Classic potluck event Vinny was hosting this week. As the smell of barbecued deliciousness was wafting through my apartment all day, I couldn’t remember why I don’t make it more. Then I remembered. Doing the actual shredding is a messy pain in the ass.

So let’s start at the beginning. I usually buy a pretty cheap cut of pork shoulder (bone in), since it gets ridiculously tender while slow cooking anyway. This time around, I only found a grain-fed hormone-free cut. I guess pork is really popular to make for New Year’s Day. It was a nicely marbled piece of meat, but I really didn’t notice any difference in the finished product. I start out by trimming the visible fat off the pork. I used a cast iron dutch oven this time, but I’ve made it entirely in a crock pot before, and it comes out just as well. I sautéed some onions as a base for the sauce, which I simmered on the stove for a bit before adding the pork and throwing it in the oven until it was falling off the bone. I like to use beer in my sauce. This time I went with Brooklyn Winter Lager, since I had a few in the fridge. My sauce came out a little hotter than I like, so I added a couple tablespoons of brown sugar, which gave it a nice sweet flavor. Continue reading