Run Like an Egyptian

You know the hardest part of doing a blog? Coming up with clever titles for posts. So
forgive me for this one. Yesterday, I did my 15-mile training run, and finally tested out the new CamelPack I got for Christmas. I would’ve tried it sooner, but I didn’t realize the backpack I got didn’t actually come with the bladder. So I had to order that after the holidays. I got the Gregory Dipsea 6 Daypack, in pink, of course. I then ordered a 2-liter bladder for it, which fit perfectly in the pack. There is a fancy “tube management system,” which basically means there are a few holes in the pack to route the tube through to keep it in place while you’re running. I wish it came with instructions because it took me a solid half hour to figure out how to set it all up. But I finally figured it out and headed out the door for my usual route on Kelly Drive.  Continue reading