Hitting the Trails

I’ve had off from work this week for the holidays, so I was really thinking this would be the week I’d get back into a solid running routine. However, the most poorly timed chest cold in history decided that wasn’t going to happen. Feeling slightly better this morning, I suited up for my first trail run with Jen K, of The Hungry Runner. Of course today has been the coldest day of the week, but at least it gave me a chance to put on my awesome new Under Armour running gloves. After a mile, my hands felt like they were in an oven, so the gloves work!

We headed over to Forbidden Drive on the Wissahickon trail. It’s basically just a gravel road that runs next to the water, which makes for some pretty scenery. Good for starting out on trails, but I think we’ll try and find something a little more rugged down the line. The trail was a nice change of pace from the Kelly Drive route I’m used to. No cars and very few other runners. We also ran without headphones, which wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be.

We stuck to a quick 3.5 miles. Jen’s a much faster runner than I am when it comes to short distances, but she slowed it down a bit so I could keep up. It was a little more difficult for me than it should’ve been since I had a hard time breathing due to my cold, but trail running seems like a new medium I can definitely tackle. I’m looking forward to checking out some trail races in the area… maybe when it warms up a little.